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Interview With Krasi Kirova

Interview for the Wattletree Psychology website

My friend and fellow psychologist Kerry Athanasiadis recently interviewed me for the Wattletree Psychology blog. In the interview we talked about my journey to the profession of psychology, developing a strong interest in domestic violence and abuse in relationships, and…

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Power Of Guilt

The Destructive Power of Guilt

Guilt is one of several basic emotions (like anger, shame, sadness, love etc.) that all of us are wired to experience because it serves an important function. Typically, we would experience guilt in the following situations: Doing or thinking something…

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Issues With Boundaries

Why Do We Say Yes When We Really Mean No?

Boundaries refer to our ability to set appropriate limits. When a person is confused about responsibility and ownership of their own choices and life, then we can talk about a problem of boundaries. Below are the three most common issues…

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Partner Support Formothers

10 Ways in Which Partners Can Support Mothers

There are many sources of support that women can draw on after having a baby, including family, friends, mother’s groups and maternal nurses. The role of their partner, however, consistently rates as the most important source of strength and assistance. …

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Psychology Self-help Books

Outstanding Psychological Self-Help Books

There are many self-help books available nowadays that it is hard to pick out the ones that can truly make a difference and are based on solid scientific research. Below is a list of the books that I personally recommend with confidence to my clients because…

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